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Check out the bars or clubs near you.  See if JumpR passes are available and the current cover price.


Choose a bar or nightclub and select  "Pay Cover" and/or "Skip Line" using Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, ect while in line...NO CASH NEEDED!


Present your JumpR Pass to the bouncer at the door and Jump Start Your Night!


• Operational Efficiency

• Improves the inflow and outflow of customers during check-in process

• Eliminates duration of time spent waiting in line

• Revenue Generation

• Enhanced ability to capture customers maximum willingness to pay based on surge pricing feature

• Improvement on marketing and promotion by collecting users names, email addresses, and phone numbers

• Customer Experience

• Simplifies and speeds up check-in process

• Prevents losing potential customers due to payment of cover fee while waiting in line

• Risk Mitigation

• Limits the number of incidents that occur while customers are waiting in line to enter 

• Easily identify users in your establishment if incident occurs from data collected in app


JumpR is the premier payment services provider that is FREE for the bar, nightclub, and hospitality industry.  We work with owners, general managers, and hospitality groups to implement and deliver customized mobile ticketing application experience for their top valued customers.

Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants look to JumpR when:

  • Seeking a competitive advantage by offering a mobile experience available to their customers

  • They’re searching for a truly integrated mobile payment solution that incorporates the latest technology trends such as Apple Pay, Venmo, ect.

  • Continuously challenged with promoting and marketing events to their customer base

  • Are fearful of losing customers due to new bars in surrounding area and existing market modernization

  • Frustrated with the number of civil lawsuits by not being able to identify customers who entered their bar or nightclub

Don't let the line force you to decide where you're going out!


-    "Jump Start Your Night!"

Transforming the way Bar and Restaurant Owners service their customers, JumpR is a mobile application that streamlines and simplifies the check-in and management process by allowing users to pay for their cover fee on their phone and/or skip the line through surge pricing based on supply / demand and a customers willingness to pay.  This standardizes management process, significantly increases operational efficiency, enhances the overall customer experience, and capitalizes on demand.


• Everyone hates waiting in lines…

• Lines are boring, aggravating, and stressful. 

• At most popular bars and nightclubs people can spend between 30-60 minutes just to get in the door and start their night

• Managing the inflow and outflow of customers is a challenge…

• Risk and issues with intoxicated people in line waiting

• Increased likelihood of incidents that may occur

• Possible lawsuits and legal issues for the Bar Manager and Restaurant Owners


We provide a truly integrated and fully customizable payment service.  JumpR allows users to be able to pay for their cover fee directly on their phone (if applicable) and/or skip the line via surge charge mobile ticketing.  Both features are business configurable depending on management’s wants and needs.  We also offer a “white-label” application specifically designed for your bar, nightclub, or restaurant.   


JumpR uses the latest innovative technology from Stripe as the third party payment processing services to other application program interfaces such as Facebook for quick and easy log-in capabilities, to Apple Pay for a simplified check out process.  Other key features yet to be added include Apple Pay, Venmo, and Google Pay as well as integration with Uber and Lyft for on-demand ride services to your favorite bars and nightclubs.


JumpR dominates the payment services industry for the hospitality market because we are very different from the other available alternatives:

  • We are a one-stop shop that provides real integrated solution directly into your bank account via the same third-party payment processing provider as Uber and Lyft

  • We offer in-house customization options to help our clients create their own application

  • We increase revenue to those clients that adopt the “jump the line” feature

  • We enhance customer experience where customers no longer need to run to an ATM to pay cash at the door

  • Opportunity to differentiate your bar, nightclub, or restaurant by offering more payment options

  • Prevent losing customers by modernize your bar or nightclub with the latest technology

  • No other application offers such a seamless payment process to check-in at the door

  • We have without question, the most professional, polished, responsible, and trustworthy team in the business based on our core values and beliefs


Jump Start your Night” with JumpR - the mobile payment application for the bar, nightclub, and restaurant industry where customers can pay for their cover fee on their phone and/or offer your  top valued customers the option to skip the line through surge charge mobile ticketing.  Whether you charge a cover fee or not, this product is FREE for owners and may be customized to meet your management needs! Its time to make a change today and get up to speed with the technology trends!

Revenue Generation

Operational Efficiency

Customer Experience

Risk Mitigation

Bar & Nightclub Benefits


Modernize the payment services you provide at your bar or nightclub by offering your customers the ability to pay for their cover fee on their phone with JumpR and allow your top customers to Jump Start their Night! Request a demo and contact our team below:

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